It's my favorite time of year in Austin. Well, it's basically my favorite time of the year in Texas. I love the mild weather, the bluebonnets delicately bending into a wisp on windy days, and the sun beating down on my face during runs around the hike and bike trail. These types of days remind me that God is so good and that Chris and I are in Texas for a reason. I have no idea what that reason is yet...but I'm sure if God wants me to withstand the crazy cedar and mold season (aka barely survive) then surely there must be a very important reason with very important purpose and I'm actively working to figure that out!  

I started this blog hoping to belong to something. After 2 years in Houston without finding community, I wanted to be a part of the Houston blogging scene because it seemed like a great way to meet new friends. They were always attending fancy boutique openings together, and they always seemed like a great professional group to belong to. So, I set out to go to fashion events and blog about them. After about two weeks, I quickly realized that I didn't really care about fashion events, that while I adore clothing and shoes I couldn't find my voice writing about them, and that the best community I could have was already in front of me, at our church, Ecclesia. So, I quit the blog and didn't look back. 

In the last year of avoiding the blog, I've learned a lot about myself. I read lots of books, got married and enjoyed the little moments in front of me as life continued to change at rapid pace. Since then, we've moved to Austin and I've continued to have a little voice in my head telling me to write. I've honestly been scared to death to put myself out there. I've told myself you're not good enough, you don't really have anything to say...But if you know me at all, you know I typically don't come up for air. You also probably know that I avidly read and follow Shauna Niequist's books and blog and have literally dreamed of coming into my own with as much grace and wisdom as she has in her writing. 

As I write, I'm watching the wildflowers blow in the wind outside my window and I'm embracing God's plan. Starting today I'm quitting the pity party and putting myself out there because I realize the only thing stopping me from growing as a writer and as an individual is myself and I have too many thoughts to not write them down! 

Photo credit: Chris Olfers