The Woes of House-hunting & Home-buying

I still can't believe I live in Texas. Even more so, I can't believe we're actually putting down roots here! I mean, I really never thought I'd permanently leave the Midwest. Don't worry folks, Cincinnati is still (and will always be) home. But here I am, full on southern living. 

When Chris and I made the move from Houston to Austin we rented a cute little one bedroom apartment downtown. Back in January it was all about location, location, location. And let me tell you, we have a prime location. We can walk down to Town Lake, run the trails on the Hike & Bike Trail walk to Zilker Park for picnics or live music, and go SUP boarding at the drop of a hat.

I haven't even told you about the 3-5 block walks to restaurants, bars, Whole Foods HQ (where you can drink wine while you shop...amazing.) - and let's be real ladies - the real reason for living downtown: therapeutic visits to Anthropologie whenever I want. 

It all sounds basically perfect, right? Well, I guess there's some sort of switch that goes off after age 25 that tells you it's time to own something. Still trying to figure this whole mid-twenties thing out, but one day I woke up and decided I want to own a house. Oddly enough, Chris woke up another day with the exact same realization. Marital bliss - glad we're on the same page!  

So here we are. House hunting. We started working with a mortgage broker and our family friend and realtor, Tony Slowik of Sky Realty. So far I've fallen in love with about four houses that I've sworn to Chris are the one. Okay, there was one in particular but it sold because everybody and their brother is moving to Austin. 

Current daily emotions:

We're so poor, how the hell are we going to afford this?

We can totally do this.

No really, we have no idea what we're getting ourselves into!


But Bauer needs a yard and now we have to think about school districts and weird things that adults think about.

I just can't wait to have a house and HGTV the shit out of it.

Shiplap. (Chip Gaines, anybody??)

Antique windows, crown moulding, character...and let's just paint every room gray. The perfect shade of restoration hardware gray. With pops of turquoise.

I want to move TOMORROW.

...Also I need about $700,000 extra and I can find a home in, like, five seconds. 

So as you can tell, the house hunt is going swimmingly. It's literally a part time job. But hey, if you're bored, check out Austin Monthly's latest issue where you can read all about how expensive real estate has become in our city and the top neighborhoods to buy a house in ASAP before you get priced out of them. 

On the real, I'm elated that Chris and I are wise and responsible enough to be able to buy a house. I'm thankful for a great family who cares about mine and Chris' future who are helping us walk through this entire process. Also, I'm really grateful for those Dave Ramsey classes (holler!) that Aunt Robyn and Erin got us.

House hunting is treacherous and exciting all at the same time. And BONUS: we're getting our lives in order, one day at a time!

Stay tuned...