House-hunting: an update

Since my last post we've looked at 10 or so houses. I've fallen in love with several and Chris has become the picky one. I think I need to add to my criteria, because mature trees and lots of windows isn't cutting it. As most of you know, I watch way too much HGTV/DIY. Next to Mindy Kaling, my spirit animal is Nicole Curtis - that tiny adorable host on Rehab Addict. Like her, I'm confident I can fix any space while maintaining the original character and beauty. Reality check - I don't even know how to use a chainsaw and barely know how to properly use a level. Home Depot has classes for that right? I'll sign up later or do the famous learn-it-as-you-go method.

There was this one house. A 1950's ranch in SoLa/704 neighborhood. It was yellow with adorable windows and 7,000 sq. ft. of land. Trees on trees on trees. A cloud of stale cigarette stench hit my face as we approached the porch. Once I got past that I entered the antique-filled home and quickly saw visions of our own personal HGTV project. First, add a front porch because this is the south and we need a place to people watch. Second, probably need to get rid of the carpet in the kitchen, tear out the cabinets and restructure the entire space. As I continued to walk through the house thoughts continued to flow through my mind: Walls. Gotta remove the walls, extend the master bedroom and the bathroom. Maybe put on an addition? How would we pay for that? I wonder how you get rid of the smoke smell...Can't forget the #shiplap. When we finally got to the backyard we figured out exactly where we'd put the tiny Airbnb house. This is Austin. We have to have a guest house and we have to make money off of it during ACL. Absolute must. After we left the showing and called our moms to rave about the old, run down house, we went to Black's BBQ for lunch and drew renovation plans on napkins. The house was listed above our budget, we were going to try to put in an offer (I even wrote the homeowner a love letter), but within the blink of an eye it was pending and gone. On to the next one. 

We're still waiting for a house to come available in our desired part of town but it's slim pickins' right now people. So at the moment I'm reminding myself to have patience. I almost fell in love with a condo in Westlake yesterday, until I learned the HOA fees were going to be like $300/month on top of the mortgage. WTF you don't even get a yard! Homeownership is for the birds ya'll. 

Someday (hopefully in the near, near future) we'll find a house. Until then we'll take advantage of our downtown/Clarksville living and you can find me at Anthro sulking and buying throw pillows.