Instead, Invest in Life

Chris and I are kinda what you would call old souls. We really don't go out to bars much (though we did at one point in a previous life), we prefer to spend our weekends trying ethnic foods, spending time with family, going on runs to Whole Foods or walking through the Clarksville neighborhood. And Sunday? Don't even mess with Sunday. Sundays are for church, MAYBE a lunch with friends or family, grocery shopping and then afternoons at home hanging out or working on one of our side projects. It's a rarity to miss a trip to Central Market on Sunday at 1 PM. We have a very strict routine and we've become pretty predictable people.

All of that said, it didn't come as a surprise to friends and family that we were looking to put our roots down by searching for a permanent home here in Austin. Because that's what you do; check the boxes: date, get new jobs, get married, grow up, buy house, have kids, sell house, buy bigger house, get old, retire, downsize to smaller house.  

With my (unhealthy) addiction to HGTV, I was beyond excited to find something to call my own. To rip up carpet, redo bathrooms and a kitchen... In fact, I was so excited that I was consistently house hunting throughout the day - searching for the moment to put down that highly anticipated offer on our latest and greatest project. That's about the same time reality hit us.

We quickly came the realization that our budget wasn't in the sweet spot that we'd like it to be, in order to purchase a home in our ideal neighborhood. So, we switched gears and began looking for condos because MAYBE we could find something affordable and not have to leave downtown. Here's the thing - when you move across the country, combine two apartments into one and get married, you have a lot more baggage. Those cute 500 sq. ft. studios just wont work anymore because you simply have too. much. shit. 


FullSizeRender (3).jpg

With all the stress of hitting walls in the Austin Real Estate market we began having snippets of conversation about how we were terrified of being tied down. What if we bought the wrong house and ended up in a lot of debt? What if we're trying to control this situation when really God has another plan? We prayed. And prayed. 

And then a whisper from the heavens came down in the form of a Southwest sale. For some reason, we both felt led to buy airplane tickets to LA. I've never been and Chris has been dying to go back. Ultimately, we bought the plane tickets on a whim without thinking twice and this spurred a whole new conversation:

What if we just scrap this whole "buy a house" thing and keep renting so we can travel more?

Even better, what if we sublet out our little downtown apartment and rent something even smaller so we can travel even more?

We'd have to probably figure out a storage solution, but at least we'd have something to be excited about! 

That last little bit of millennial gumption came to surface and here we are. Subletting out our place (let us know if you're interested - it's a great spot on W 5th, walking distance to Zilker!) and booking as many weekend trips as we can while we're young enough to do so. I don't want to wait until I'm in my old age to see the world.

We've made the decision to adventure. To invest in life instead of 4 walls and a roof. To those who think we're certifiably insane, we're still being fiscally responsible - don't worry! 

So what's next? 

  • Seaside reunion trip with our friends over the Labor Day weekend
  • Cincinnati to visit with family in mid-September
  • Newport, RI to visit Chris' great-grandmother in mid-October
  • LA just because in mid-November

Stay tuned!

We have so much to do and see and I'm so glad God set our sails in a different direction before we gave into the all too familiar American dream (no offense to those living it - we're just not ready yet!).