A Fresh Start...A Few Blocks Down(town)!

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, Chris and I are getting ready to move into our new home! If you remember last summer, Chris and I were househunting. During that time, we joined the waitlist for the brand new, highly anticipated condo highrise, the Seaholm. After much deliberation we decided to abandon the search and stay in the rental market in order to focus more on travel and adventure - plus, we like change! 

Our lease ends on our current place in mid-April so we recently began the search for a new place. To our surprise, the perfect condo unit fell into our lap - at the Seaholm! The new place will be further downtown, and it's about 100 sq. ft. smaller - so we have some big plans in the works for revamping our style and decluttering. We've been selling pretty much all of our furniture and we're saving every penny we make to upgrade to "adult" furniture as we've been calling it. Ha! Take a look at our "furniture fund":


All of this said, I want y'all to check out our inspo in the images below for each room in the new place! Leave comments below - we'd love your input! Who knows, in a month you may see your suggestions in my decor! 

Kitchen & Dining Area

We purchased the RH table below last year when we moved to Austin. It was our first, "big married purchase" and we're so excited to see it take shape in our new highrise condo. I for one, cannot wait to have some serious dinner parties. 

That was the whole reason for the purchase! Community and hospitality is a big deal to us - there are so many memories to be made, this being the focal point in our home, is what I look forward to the most. 

 Image:  RH

Image: RH

The new place is less than 700 sq. ft., so we're ordering acrylic chairs to go with a more minimalistic look and create the illusion of open space.

 Image:  Rue Magazine

Living Room

We have a cream linen couch and fur blankets - all neutral colors so the plan is to throw in fun throw pillows or a great rug. Or both! 

Most images below are from #anthropologie and #caitlinwilson

Outdoor Living Space

Chris and I are both big fans of Lewis Mocker and Robyn Louise's vlogs. Ever since we started following their videos, we fell in love with their green space in the top left image below. We knew this was the perfect way to grow our smaller space by extending the living room into the outdoors. We're going to place turf on the balcony with some unique poufs, pillows and candles to make the spot super cozy and fun to hang out on anytime of day. The best part? We face East and have a lake view so the sun won't blaze our patio during the day! 

*All other photos from Pinterest

Bed & Bath

We were blessed to receive Restoration Hardware bedding from both sets of parents last Christmas. And yes, that's the Belgium Linen line in Dusk. I pined for this bedding for a long, long time and it's something I cherish in our bedroom. It's the little things! Anyway, because we love gray so much, we tend to keep everything very neutral in our home. In the new place, I want to pull in pops of emerald green (my fave), white or cream, and other shades of green. I think of this space being a peaceful escape from everything else and I think this color combo will embody that perfectly.

This brings me to the chairs: I inherited these incredible antiques from my grandparents last summer. My grandpa used to manage buildings in downtown Chicago (a total badass, but that's a story for another time). The chairs belonged to one of the old buildings but when the building sold, my grandpa was able to take two of them home.

When we were cleaning out the house after he passed, I found these chairs in the basement and knew they had to be in our home. The plan is to re-finish/upholster them and give them new life. The best part? When I was home last, I found an old photo of the building. Once the chairs are done I'm going to hang the picture right above them, so that a piece of his story is always with me where I take respite and time to reflect on all of life's blessings, including the life lessons Grandpa passed down to me over the years. He was a lifelong writer, and I know it would have warmed his heart to know his chairs were the centerpiece of my very own writing space. I foresee another blog post about this project as it takes shape, so stay tuned!


So now, the remaining question is: green curtains or green chairs? Thank God for my interior design ace, Bright Austin Interiors. If you're looking for a designer in the Austin area, Kristen's your girl. She helped design my in-laws house in Westlake (I cannot wait to share those photos with y'all when their house is complete). She will help us find the balance of colors in our own place, and when it's done it will be PERFECT. I'm excited to share the finished product! 

 Be sure to check out Kristen's Insta account to stay up to date on her latest projects - including ours!  http://instagram.com/brightaustininteriors

Be sure to check out Kristen's Insta account to stay up to date on her latest projects - including ours! http://instagram.com/brightaustininteriors