The Big Weight Loss Journey

In 2009 I had spine surgery for scoliosis. Recovery was a long, drawn out process that lasted for almost a year. At age 21, I was used to being able to eat whatever I wanted without worrying about my weight. I was petite and thin and was more concerned with my plans for the night or weekend than worrying about my health. As I probably should have expected with the lack of physical activity, I gained nearly 40 lbs. like it was nothing. 

Becoming overweight is not as noticeable as one would think. I didn't realize how big I had gotten until my weight was too far gone. It was as if I had gone to sleep at 125 lbs. and woke up at 165. 

Throughout this time, I was going through a lot of life changes: graduating from college, balancing 3 jobs at a time, a minor mid-life crisis about not being a student anymore and trying to be a level-headed adult all at the same time. Somehow, all the stress in my life had spiraled into an unhealthy rut and I felt very defeated by pretty much everything in my life. Just being overweight turned into being obese and depressed -- I felt so hopeless but I was too lazy to make any changes because I was working almost 70 hours per week! 

Before I knew it, Chris and I had picked up and moved to Houston for work and the next thing I knew, I was 172 lbs. with no goal in sight and no need for one because I had no drive.

In November 2012, Chris proposed and asked me to be his wife despite my girth. I was so happy to officially be spending my entire life with him, but I still found myself unhappy deep down because of all the weight I was carrying with me. Chris had also gained some weight with the new job and our move, which helped me to make excuses for myself. Finally, after Christmas we decided we needed to make some serious changes. Being married would mean starting this life together and we wanted it to begin on a healthier, brighter note. 


Limiting ourselves began with giving up meat for Lent. We began eating more veggies and eventually decided to do a cleanse that consisted of fruits, veggies, and protein. That 7 day cleanse was nearly impossible and I HATED the meal replacement protein shake portion so much that I almost gave up...until I realized that in 7 days I had lost about 7 lbs! This tiny victory kicked us into high gear. We began taking spin classes and ran on the days we weren't cycling. Ultimately, this led to Pilates classes, which eventually led to me to decide we were going to do the Weight Watchers program. 

Chris and I followed WW from May 2013 all the way until November of 2013. We both lost about 30 lbs each and started to become former shadows of ourselves. There is no greater feeling than your clothes and shoes being too big. As irritating as it is to purchase a new wardrobe, every time I would put on something too big I would feel SO proud. 

Finally, about 3 months ago, we decided to take on the Insanity program from Beach Body. We have transformed our bodies and I have never had more confidence in my capabilities as I do right now. I am currently weighing in at around 134 lbs. Together, we have lost the body weight of an entire person!

I have never displayed these photos online, but I am finally ready to display them for the world to see. We both still have our own fitness goals moving forward and plan to start Insanity over again next week. By the end of April, I hope to be back down to 125 lbs. I just hope our journey can help inspire others to believe enough in themselves like Chris and I have begun to over the last few months. Fitness and health are so important, I am so grateful we realized that before it was too late. 

 Photo 1: June 2012. Photo 2: Start of Insanity February 2014. Photo 3: 1/2 way done with Insanity, end of February. Photo 4: End of Insanity, March 2014.

Photo 1: June 2012. Photo 2: Start of Insanity February 2014. Photo 3: 1/2 way done with Insanity, end of February. Photo 4: End of Insanity, March 2014.

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